14.15-16.15 Parellel Session – Science (IT125)
Chair: Dr. Susan Logue
14.15-14.45 Invited Talk – Dr. Emmet O’Reilly
“Conducting polymers as transduction mechanisms in biomedical sensing platforms.”
14.45-15.00 Research Talk – Radu Groza
“ARMES: a new tool using multi-dimensional anisotropy and chemometrics for protein structure analysis” Slides
15.00-15.15 Research Talk – Vivek Verma
“Crystallisation of Carbamazepine onto Excipients” Slides
15.15-15.45 Thesis in Three Talks

“Microalgae as an alternative renewable source of omega-3 fatty acids” Slides
Justine Aussant 

“Anomalous Hall effect in electrolessly-deposited Ni-B thin films” Slides
Cian McKeown
“Revisiting the Kinetics and Thermodynamics of the Low-Temperature Oxidation Pathways of Alkanes: A Case Study using the Pentane Isomers” Slides
John Bugler
“Mismanagement of iron homeostasis in iron-loaded ex vivo slice cultures” Slides
Sinead Healy
“Investigation into the preparation of amorphous solid dispersions of BCS Class II drugs using a milling process” Slides
Ciara Griffin
15.45-16.00 Research Talk – Barbara Schaller
“Methane to Methanol – A Solution for Alternative Fuels” Slides
16.00-16.15 Research Talk – Pauric Bannigan
“Influencing the dissolution rate Clofazimine” Slides