09.30-10.25 Registration, Poster Set-up and Coffee 
10.25-10.40 Welcome & Opening.
Prof. Lokesh Joshi, VP Research, NUIG
10.40-10.45 Conference Overview
Dr. Adrienne Gorman
 10.45-11.45 Plenary Session I
Chair: Dr. Adrienne Gorman
10.45-11.15 Invited Talk – Dr. Claire Sheridan. 
“Industry Careers for Ph.D. Graduates”
11.15-11.30 Research Talk – Emma Tarpey
“Treatment of dairy processing effluent using IASBR Technology” Slides
11.30-11.45 Research Talk – Patrick Mannion
“Learning Traffic Signal Control with Advice” Slides
11.45-12.45 Plenary Session II
Chair: Dr. Conor McCarthy
11.45-12.15 Invited Talk – Dr. Shane Deegan
“Startup Careers for Ph.D. Graduates”
12.15-12.30 Research Talk – Ahmad Ziaee
“Theoretical Study of Adsorption in SIFSIX-3-Zn Type Porous Materials” Slides
12.30-12.45 Research Talk – Conall Holohan
“Anaerobic digestion of lipids: the development of a multifaceted solution” Slides
 12.45-14.15  Poster Judging & Light Lunch
14.15-16.15 Parallel Sessions – Science, Engineering & Interdisciplinary
(Information Technology Building)
16.30-17.15 Plenary Session III
Chair: Dr. Jim Duggan
16.30-17.00 Invited Talk – Dr. Martin O’Halloran
“Academic Careers for Ph.D. Graduates”
17.00-17.15 Overall Q & A Session
17.15-19.30 Prize Giving and Closing Address –
Dr. Jim Browne, President, NUI Galway. 
BBQ Reception in College Bar