14.15-16.15 Parellel Session – Interdisciplinary (IT204)
Chair: Dr. Alessandra Mileo
14.15-14.45 Invited Talk – Prof. Cathal Seoighe
“Computational deconvolution of gene expression data from heterogeneous biological samples”
14.45-15.00 Research Talk – Kieran Flesk 
“Dynamic Selection of Virtual Machines via Reinforcement Learning” Slides
15.00-15.15 Research Talk – Helen Hasenfuss
“An exploration of realtime programmable haptic & tactile structures for TUIs” Slides
15.15-15.45 Thesis in Three Talks
“A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Pedestrian and Traffic Management in Smart Cities” Slides
Martin Duggan
“Resistance to Defection on Random Geometric Graph Models” Slides
Christine Marshall
“An R-Based Framework for Implementing Large-Scale Spatial Models of Infectious Diseases” Slides
Martina Curran
“Implementing Avoidance in Particle Swarm Optimisation” Slides
Karl Mason
“Query Difficulty Estimation and Query Expansion to improve IR Accuracy” Slides
Chris Loughnane
15.45-16.00 Research Talk – Ronan Egan
“Classifying Cocyclic Butson Hadamard Matrices” Slides
16.00-16.15 Research Talk – Claire Gallagher
“Implementation of a Mobile Alert System for Sales Forecasting Based on a Tree Augmented Naïve Bayes Classifier” Slides