14.15-16.15 Parellel Session – Engineering (IT202)
Chair: Prof. Peter McHugh
14.15-14.45 Invited Talk – Dr. Peter Corcoran
“The Internet of Things (IoT)”
14.45-15.00 Research Talk – Kyriakos Spanoudes
“New tricks for old materials: The Glycomer™ 631 case” Slides
15.00-15.15 Research Talk – Ilaria Cinelli
“Thermo-Electrical Equivalents for Simulating the Electro-Mechanical Behaviour of Biological Tissue” Slides
15.15-15.45 Thesis in Three Talks

“Inhibition of the ROCK signalling pathway in mouse osteoblasts” Slides
Irene Simfia

“Computational and Experimental Characterisation of Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Positioning to Enhance Long Term Performance” Slides
Orla McGee
“Optimzation of Multi-Pole Debye Functions for Electromagnetic Tissue Modeling” Slides
SaQib SalaHudDin
“A GPU Accelerated Microwave Tomography System for Breast Cancer Screening” Slides
Atif Shahzad
“Experimental and Computational Material Characterisation for High Efficiency, High Flexibility Power Generation” Slides
Eimear O’Hara
15.45-16.00 Research Talk – Conor O’Hagan
“Effect of high temperature corrosion on the service life of P91 piping in biomass co-firing” Slides
16.00-16.15 Research Talk – Catherine O’Connor
“Active Response of Smooth Muscle and Arterial Tissue to Stenting” Slides